Friday, 19 July 2019 13:21

Making the most out of personalisation in your email marketing campaigns

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Personalisation is something we all know that we should do be doing in our email marketing, but are you doing it correctly? It needs to come across as natural, but also in a way that will produce conversions.

Adding in names into the subject line and content is easy enough, segmentation on past behaviour is also a fairly simple task, but there is so much more you can do. Most of your competitors are already doing this, so it is a case of keeping up with the Jones', but don't you wish you were doing more?

Today's readers are more data savvy than ever before, and they know that you have information on them, they want you to use it to create a better experience for them. Every email should be tailored to each individual client, down to the copy, content, images and more, they should feel as if the email was designed specifically for them.

Here are our steps to improve your personalisation in your email marketing:

1. Segmentation is key. The first step is splitting out your lists, based on age, location, gender and other demographics. But we cannot assume that these demographics would want to see the same email, we should also consider segmentation by more specific identifiers, such as past behaviour, past clicks, promotions which caused conversions, content they interact with, previous interests and more.

2. Let them tell you. Create a preference centre and allow your readers to tell you what they are interested in. Let them set the email frequency as well. A detailed preference centre means that people will get the content they want, when they want it. This expectation will also increase open rates, as they know they want to read what you are sending them.

3. Be aware of your downfalls. Keep an eye on any unsubscribe peaks, and try to identify any causes. Watch for repeat struggles or questions, and anticipate these in the future.

4. Always have the sales funnel in mind. You can design emails based on where your clients are in the sales funnel. You should occasionally go through the funnel yourself to make sure that everything is working correctly. Look at where people fall off and identify weak spots, this can help you to win over hesitant customers.
5. Use automation. Whilst this looks like a daunting task, it really needn't be. Automation may seem the opposite to personalisation, but a good programme will ensure that clients receive the relevant information at the right time. You can create an automatic journey which follows your client, and takes the hassle out of sending the right emails at the correct time. These journeys could be triggered by dates, behaviour, preference changes and so much more.

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