Thursday, 27 June 2019 10:00

Five benefits of email marketing

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Email marketing is not just about generating sales for your company, although of course that is a benefit, it can also contribute so much more to your company. There are various benefits to using an email marketing platform, especially when you use it well.

From increasing brand loyalty to boosting sales, today I am going to go through the main 5 benefits of good email marketing.

1. Create trust from your users.
Using personalisation and dynamic content in your campaigns means that your customer will believe that you have their interests at heart. By showing them content that they want to see, and also targetting their specific age, location or other demographic, you show that they are not just another number to you.

2. Creating a brand image.
Customised templates mean that your readers will become accustomed to the look and feel of them, and so will know what to expect from future communications. Customers are far more likely to open an email that they are familiar with. Your brand image should continue across the board, keep your website, social media and email campaigns all within the same spectrum.

3. Providing value
Make sure that your email campaigns are valuable to your customer. Include occasional deals and discounts to keep them opening your missives. Advice based emails are also a great way to keep people interested, rather than always sending sale based emails, send out a regular blog type message, which is related to your product. If the customer feels that they will likely gain from opening your campaigns, you will see better metrics.

4. Encourage repeat visitors.
If someone hasn't visited your website in a while, it will have fallen to the back of their memory, when they see an email from you it will bring your company back to the forefront. You will often find that a well timed email, perhaps seasonal or based on past purchases, will mean that your message lands in front of someone at the exact time they are looking for a business like yours.

5. Increase sales
Email marketing really does boost sales. Your sales based emails will perform better when personalised to suit individual needs, based on demographic data and past behaviour. Your advice based emails can also include some related products at the bottom, which will also push sales metrics. Try to avoid continuous sales and offers, as this will put customers off when they see the same content over and over. Keeping to your schematic, but varying content will keep readers coming back for more.

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