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A recent survey shows what consumers hate most about email marketing

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Most marketers believe that email is the preferred channel of consumers for brands to stay in touch with them, but that doesn't mean it isn't without fault. A recent study carried out by Adobe has found just what irks consumers when it comes to email marketing.

Of those surveyed, 39% said they wanted less promotional sales emails, and more information based emails. Even if those information emails also included sales too. Consistently sending emails which offer nothing to the client other than what they have to pay for, is a sure fire way to increase your unsubscribes. Try a different tack, and create emails offering advice around your industry.

27% felt that many brands are not getting personalisation right and they wished it could improve. Data segmentation and dynamic content are great ways to ensure that your readers receive content which is relevant to them.

12% of respondents said that they would like the ability to make purchases directly in the email, without having to navigate out to complicated websites. These days, the majority of your readers will open their emails on a smart device. If your email links to a website which is not mobile optimised, you are likely losing sales. Make this process easier by making the click on the product in your email add the item direct into the users shopping basket for example.

Almost half of the people surveyed said that over sending was the biggest issue they saw, with some companies sending similar emails more than once a week, sometimes even daily. Consider your own market, and whether you are perhaps sending too often, or maybe not enough.

Mistakes are another issue people are facing, 23% were very against poor grammar and spelling in an email, whilst 22% were vexed by companies who hold erroneous data on them, such as wrong first name, or misinformation about past purchases. Always check your emails for mistakes, and get someone else to give it a once over too. Frequently clean up your data to ensure that you hold up to date, current information on your customers.

20% of the survey takers said that if an email was too long, there was little chance they would scroll to the end. Always watch your email length, and keep in mind that many will be reading on a smart device. Test and test, and then test again, and make sure that there isn't too much information in one email. 16% were against emails which are not mobile optimised. This is a huge factor in today's market, and you must make sure that your emails render well on all mobile devices.

Certain phrases were flagged by the group, and should definitely be avoided in your missives. The sentences which should never be used again were, in first place "I'm not sure if you saw my last email." This was closely followed by "according to my last email", "according to our conversation", "as we discuss" or "forgiveness for double email".

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