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Ten benefits of email marketing explained

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Email marketing is one of the most effective tools out there to increase sales and build brand loyalty. Today we are going to show you 10 benefits of using this platform, you should consider them all when planning your marketing budget.

1. Email marketing is cost effective.
The first thing we want to know as marketers, is whether something is economical. In actual fact, there is no other channel which offers such a high return on investment. Recent studies show the average ROI for email marketing to be 4308% per pound invested!

2. You reach more potential customers.
Email marketing is actually 40 times more efficient than both Facebook and Twitter put together. The amount of clicks received in a campaign is much higher than a social media post. Emails are often shared by your contacts, and so their viral reach can be a lot higher than articles shared on other platforms.

3. Measurement and analytics is more in depth.
You can see precisely who is interacting with your campaigns, where they are and when they are looking at it. You can see exactly which parts of your campaign were more effective. You can analyse which device and service provider your clients are using to read your missives. All of this information can only serve to improve your future emails based on what has worked, and what hasn't.

4. Email marketing is direct.
Whereas in social media, you hope that potential customers attention will be caught by your ads as they scroll past, an email is already in their inbox, so you have passed the first hurdle. If a company makes sure that their emails are something that their clients will want to read, you can almost guarantee that they will open the emails regularly, even look forward to it in some cases.

5. Increase brand loyalty
Email marketing is not just about sales, but also about rewarding your loyal clients. You can offer them additional content, and advice based emails to make them keep opening your emails. Vouchers and discounts are also a great way to ensure that they keep coming back for more.

6. Organised lists and segmented contacts
Most email marketing platforms will allow you to optimise your contact databases, for example, you can use segmentation to re-engage or remove non-active clients. You can also segment your data based on behaviour or data you store on them, you could find all contacts within a specific geographic location, or all those who clicked on a specific link in a past email.

7. Personalisation is key
A good platform will allow you to personalise not only the subject line, but the content of your email too. You can use dynamic content to ensure that each customer sees a message which is valid to them. As a simple example, customers based in Ireland can see the prices of your products in Euros, whilst those in the UK see sterling amounts. This level of personalisation is not available with other marketing channels.

8. Optimised send times
Within more advanced platforms, such as BrotherMailer, you have the option to send emails at the optimum moment, this means that each client will receive the email at the time that they tend to open their emails. If Bob is London usually opens around 9am, he will receive it then, whilst Jane in Manchester gets hers at 4pm as that is her usual open time.

9. Beneficial to the environment
We are still losing 90,000 km squared of forest land every year thanks to the paper industry. As opposed to traditional postal methods of marketing, the email channel does not send paper messages which most people will throw away. Hitting the delete button on an email does not fill landfills!

10. Increase sales
No list of email marketing benefits would be complete without bringing up the increase in sales figures. All of the benefits we have covered up until now, will only serve to increase brand loyalty and traffic, thus increasing conversions and therefore boosting your sales.

Here at BrotherMailer our account managers are dedicated to helping our customers increase their sales figures, and are happy to advise on any aspect of your email marketing campaigns.