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A common question - How often should I send emails?

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Email frequency depends on many factors, such as objectives, product or service, business needs and many other factors. Something I am asked frequently by clients is “How often should I send emails to my clients?” Unfortunately there is no set answer to this question, however, thinking about your service or product might just help you to come up with the answer.

If you are just getting started, or indeed have been at it a while, but haven't done this, a welcome email is an absolute must. Set it up to go out automatically as soon as people have hit the subscribe button. You will be fresh in their mind at that point, and are very likely to open that email. Do not make the email just say hello and thanks and be done with it, this is your chance to get them interested in your campaigns, make them want to read more. Include a taster of what you can offer, be it advice from within your particular field, a discount voucher or some other incentive to keep them opening. Let them know what they can expect to receive in the future, you can turn a one time opener into a loyal reader.

After that, the frequency very much depends on your business. If you have regular offers or discounts, consider sending every time 2 or 3 have been announced. If the offers are on a variety of services or products then segmentation would be a great way to send frequently but not to everyone, segment your clients into lists of people who are interested in the different services, and email each group when the new offers are announced.

If you hold regular events, then you can think about emailing people plenty of time in advance to prepare for the event, and then again in the run up to it, to remind those already booked, and to encourage those last minute bookings.

Emails with advice can also be sent more often than straight sales emails, as your clients will appreciate the advice included within them, consider your business and see if there is perhaps a series of advice emails that could go out, over a longer time period, as people will then be expecting the next one.

Try subscribing to your competition and see how often their campaigns are sent, not only will this give you insight into your particular field, but may well give you some inspiration for future campaigns for your own company.

You need to monitor if your strategy is working, check your email metrics regularly, and over time, increase or decrease frequency and compare the metrics. Examine your open rates, click-through rates, conversions, sales, ROI and any other data which is specific to your marketing goals. Also measure responses, when you increased frequency, did the number of unsubscribes increase exponentially, or was it on par? Are the same people opening the emails, or is it different each time?

Keeping your promises is vital, if you said in the welcome email that customers will receive regular offers, make sure that they are getting them. If you start an advice series, make sure that you keep it up, leaving people hanging is a sure fire way to get them to hit the unsub button, or worse, just never open your email again.

As I said at the beginning, there is no set answer to the original questions, more a study on a case by case basis. Here at BrotherMailer, all of our account managers are experts in email frequency and will happily discuss your needs with you to find the correct answer for you.