Tuesday, 16 April 2019 09:35

Now is the perfect time to spring clean your databases.

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The Easter break probably has you thinking about spring cleaning your wardrobe, the garage, and wherever else things get dumped in your house, but have you considered cleaning out your contact databases as well? Today I will explain why you should do it, and the benefits you will see from doing so.

The success of an email marketing campaign is affected by the quality of the data it is sent to, after just 12 months 10% of your databases will be out of date.

As your database increases, the erroneous and duplicate contacts will start to affect your campaigns, hard bounces, unsubscribes and complaints will increase, open rates and click through rates will decrease.
BrotherMailer will assist in this way, by de-duping contacts on upload, meaning no duplicates, and also removing erroneous addresses, meaning you will never send to these contacts. However, the system cannot do anything about those people who have moved on, and simply do not want to hear from you any more, but haven't yet unsubscribed.

Here are just some of our tips to improving your email marketing metrics:

Improving Deliverability
Clean, well maintained databases mean increased deliverability, less bounces, unsubscribes and complaints.
If you are not cleaning you lists regularly, bounced emails will become an issue. Sometimes people leave companies, or change email addresses, but leave the old email active with an auto-reply in place. Regularly checking auto-replies and removing such people will only improve your metrics. Within BrotherMailer's advanced reporting tool, you can suppress such contacts with one click of the mouse.

Beware of Spam Traps!
ISPs will sometimes recycle old email addresses which have been disabled (due to inactivity), these addresses are then used as spam traps, if you are found to be sending to many of these, then the ISPs will believe your database to be outdated and so your sender reputation will be damaged.
An easy way to combat these is to regularly remove contacts who haven't interacted with your campaigns during the last 12 months. Not all of these contacts will be spam traps of course, but you will still be saving money by using this tactic, as someone who hasn't been active in 12 months is unlikely to start being so now.

Saving time for the Sales team
Of course we would prefer our sales teams to dedicate 100% of their time to sales, but in reality this is more like 33%. A lot of their time is spent entering data and searching for information on potential clients on the internet. Up to date, relevant databases give the team more time to focus on their main goals and to therefore generate more income.

Save money
Although BrotherMailer will remove duplicate and non-existent email addresses, many email marketing providers will not. Keeping these contacts in your database means you are paying to send emails which will never go anywhere. The BrotherMailer watchdog tool will remove these contacts on upload, completely free of charge.

Strengthen engagement with your brand
A database including more information on your clients, such as DOB, preferences, location etc. will allow you to create more personalised emails. Emails tailored to each clients current situation and preferences have much improved metrics, and also increase customer loyalty to your brand.
If you do not have this information available, you should consider running a survey to all existing contacts, perhaps with a reward as an incentive. This can also help with correcting out of date information, such as a change of a persons living arrangements, etc.

Think about double opt-in
Since GDPR, double opt-in has become much more prevalent, and as well as ensuring that you are compliant with the regulations, it does serve a second purpose. People can make mistakes when entering their own email addresses, the use of a double opt-in campaign will ensure that these contacts are not added to your main database.
Within BrotherMailer, we can set up an email to go to all new sign up's, and indeed all existing contacts, asking them to confirm they wish to receive your future communications, with a button linked to the subscription status, which will automatically be upgraded to double opt-in when they click the button. We can then also create an automated programme which will copy these contacts into a new address book, which then ensures a clean database.

Please do contact us today for assistance on any of the above points, let us help you clean out your databases and so improve your email marketing metrics.