Friday, 23 January 2015 00:00

Should Emoticons be used in professional marketing messages?

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When we chat with our friends on Facebook or other social networks we often use emoticons to express what we are saying, but when it comes to professional missives, they just don't cut it.

Some experts do say that if you use a happy face there is no problem, but I cannot agree with this, they are completely unprofessional.  Emoticons are used for talking to friends, and although we want to build this kind of loyalty with our clients, and for them to feel that we are on their level, emoticons in email marketing seem presumptious, you are assuming that level of relationaship.


When you're sending an email to your colleagues, sometimes an emoticon or two will be appropriate, but if you fill your emaisl with faces and other images, you are going to look like a little immature, or even worse as a person who does not know how to express their thoughts.

We also have the social network pages of your company. Sometimes an emoticon can serve well for your posts, but in my opinion it should never be anything other than a smiley face. The winking face and the sad face are even less professional and your pages will be left looking like a childs school project.

It really makes no difference if your clients are your friends or not, emoticons have no place in your professional messages.