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Four tips on email marketing for the restaurant industry

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Any restaurant or bar can have a use for email marketing campaigns; they can submit new offers, events or special nights. 
Email marketing can be useful for any company, but here lets look at restaurants.  
1. Customisation; when you send an email to your friends or colleagues, is it usually informal, email marketing messages should be a little like those. Use their names and greetings, Hi John makes much more sense than Dear Sir. With an email marketing platfrom this is very easy to acheive, and lets the customer feel a little more important.
 2. The time of the sending; every time you send a message to your customers, you should seriously consider the send time. If your offer is for a Saturday night event, do not send the mail on Monday morning, when everyone will be concentrating on work, send towards the end of Wednesday or Friday morning. Depends on the company and the type of mail, but use your imagination a bit. 
3. Images; the images are a very important part of any marketing campaign, you should use pictures of the food cooked, cool drinks and other things that capture the attention of customers. Imagine you are at work on Wednesday evening, watching the sunset out there, and you receive an image of a cocktail, they'll be desperate to come and try. 
4. The subject line; The subject line is the most important in the world of email marketing. Never use words like free, discount, percent, instead use words such as interesting, nice, cool, something that will add a touch of detail to an email, which lets you highlight the point of the message. Always use the customer's name too, something like Hi John, do you have a busy weekend? Come try our new cocktail ...... 
With these four tips, you can ensure your message stands out and that it will be read, then you can follow with reports from a good marketing program, and see exactly what people did with your message, or which offer was the most popular.