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Expert outlines email marketing techniques to improve conversions

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There are a number of key tests that marketers can take that will have a positive impact on an emailing marketing campaign, according to marketing expert Carolyn Nye.

Writing for, Nye suggests that marketers need to be testing their subject line as a good line will prompt consumers 'to start the conversion process'. As a result, when marketers looking at their subject lines, don't look at their open rates - look at the end conversion rates.

If subject lines are seen as important then so is the 'From' line. Testing between a company name and an individual's name could prove useful, cites

"Testing between the two - a company name or an individual's name - on different types of messages may show a considerable difference in response rates," claims Nye.

It is also worth testing which types of offers perform best for an audience. Two different offers equating to the same price may have a significant impact on responses, she said.

"For example, try testing different offers for different segments - such as frequent customers and lapsed customers. You may find one segment values a free shipping offer while the other values an offer for $5 off the next order," she added.

Landing page testing can also prove to be useful. Sending consumers to an irrelevant page can 'confuse them' and will often result in a quick bounce-rate. Look at metrics such as time on site, number of pages viewed and conversion rates to determine which landing pages work the best.


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