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'Unsubscribe' doesn't spell the end for marketers, claims expert

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Just because a customer decides to opt-out of receiving email updates from a company, doesn't mean they can't still contribute towards the campaign's success.

This is according to email marketing expert Lisa Wiese, who believes parting shots delivered by freshly 'opted-out' users can help brands pinpoint where they're going wrong.

The key is to always give users the chance to leave a few comments or tick a couple of boxes after hitting the dreaded unsubscribe button. Feedback can be used to fine-tune a campaign and ensure the brand doesn't make the same mistake again, writes Ms Wiese at  

"If you're not learning why people are opting out, you're missing an opportunity that's knocking at your door. The solutions to fixing or bettering your email campaign are found in your readers; make sure you're listening," she said.

Ms Wiese's article even went as far as listing some of the most popular reasons that people unsubscribe from mail-outs, which include a lack of mobile optimisation for the messages themselves and too much content on one page.

Brands might also be making it harder for themselves to sell products by emailing too frequently, as prospects are unaware they're signing up to be entered into a flow of messages with sales pitches in them.

However, writing for, industry expert Ryan Deutsch believes the best frequency of an email marketing campaign rests on the subject that is being promoted within the message. So users might wish to receive a few more promotions, offers and coupons than in-house updates from the company in question.

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