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Keep customer loyalty with dynamic content

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Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your customers, letting them know about your latest news and offers.  However, we must take into consideration the amount of emails that the average person receives in one day, and the importance of making our messages stand out.

The subject line is the reader’s first point of call; a bad subject line will have your campaign in the trash folder in the blink of an eye.  Personalise the email, but don’t go overboard, ensure it includes the basic point of the message and a call to action.  Consider using split line testing to make sure your title performs well.

So now your client has opened the message, how do we keep them interested?  Dynamic content is a great way to guarantee their attention.  Use location, age or sex to segment your data in order to create tailored missives.  Better still, dig down even deeper, use clients purchase history, website activity, past interaction with campaigns and any other data you can glean to produce a campaign which is sure to promote attentiveness.

In order to create dynamic content a good, clean data list is vital.  Use a good platform to keep contacts updated, and to record and save their activity.  If it appears that you remember their previous interactions with your company it makes the customer feel appreciated and that can only serve to increase their loyalty to your brand.

Now you have gained their trust, you have to keep it.  Consistent, well written campaigns will maintain this interest.  Don’t go overboard as too many messages will make a reader quickly lose interest and begin the search for that unsubscribe button.  Too few messages will render all your hard work pointless, finding the right balance is key, depending on your product, monthly or bi-monthly is probably appropriate.  Following reporting data is vital to discover the correct frequency for your readers.  

As always with email marketing, testing and statistic tracking are crucial to create great content, reach out to your customers and to maintain that relationship.

Mitch O'Callaghan is the UK Sales Manager here at BrotherMailer, and spends his time talking to Email Marketeers, finding out what's new and what's old, what works, what doesn't, and ensuring BrotherMailer users get the best results.

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