Wednesday, 23 January 2013 15:09

The right subject line

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Regarding email marketing, some details are crucial for the success of a campaign. One of the elements that will make people open your emails is the subject line.


To increase to open rate, techniques could be used to attract the reader’s attention, such as including their interests in the email.

You need to create a subject line that will interest your audience. They will open it if they consider that it can benefit them or for example, if you offer an incentive.
Your clients are receiving several emails in a day, and probably from your main competitors. To catch their attention, your campaigns will need to stand out from the others.

People nowadays don’t have time to lose.
Your recipients need to know what is the purpose of your email just in few seconds. Try to be specific and let the readers know the main topic of your email quickly.
If you don’t want to lose their interest, try to keep the message short. The subject line should be brief and under 50 characters if possible.

You also have to ensure that your email won’t be considered as spam. To ensure that, you need to pay attention to the words that you will be using in the email and in the subject line in particular.
Some common words such as “free” in the subject line of the email could harm your sender reputation.

The good thing to do before sending an email is to test it first. You will see if it goes through all the main email providers or if it has been rejected and considered as spam.