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The last barrier

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So I quite recently blog about spam, how spam come about and the way to get around the barriers that have been put in place to stop these spam messages reaching our inboxes. There is a technological process that happens between you pressing send from your email marketing platform, to the point it reaches your customers inbox.

But one thing that I think is often over looked, is ultimately the most important barrier of them all. The one is the head of your recipient.

Because of our sender reputation we will always beat the first and second spam filters for the third we have tricks and jiggery pokery that we know that will get you into pretty much any inbox…

But really there are many things that you can get wrong which can make your recipient disregard your email immediately. Although they know it’s not spam, as they opted-in for it, if it doesn’t grab their attention, or maybe grabs it but not in the right way then they will not look any further into it, ultimately, being stopped by the last barrier there is.

There are a few really simple things that you can think about to avoid getting stopped at the last barrier. Firstly, timing is absolutely crucial, think about your customers, what time will be best for them to receive and be able to read an email? Look at your email marketing provider, how many servers are they running off, if just one and you’re sending millions of emails then maybe its time to move provider (BrotherMailer runs off hundreds of servers, so email send time is about as fast as you’re going to get).

Secondly, getting the frequency right is very important, sending too many and people may opt out of receiving from you but too little and you may loose out on business, so again you need to think about the type of people your customers are and how many of your emails maybe too many.

Lastly, try to avoid being repetitive. For example using the same subject line and template may make your recipient think that they have already seen the email and automatically disregard the email, try and change your template layout regularly and never use the same subject line twice in a row.

So a small conclusion would be to really think about the type of customers that you have and build your whole campaign around them, the timing, the amount of info they want to receive from you, the build of the campaign, every single part of your campaign should be tailored for your customers to make sure that you beat that last spam filter so that you keep you customers interested and engaged.


Mitch O'Callaghan is the UK Sales Manager here at BrotherMailer, and spends his time talking to Email Marketeers, finding out what's new and what's old, what works, what doesn't, and ensuring BrotherMailer users get the best results.

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