Thursday, 10 January 2013 13:49

New year means new challenges for the retailers

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Companies have to be more and more efficient and create better campaigns to gain the public’s attention.
Marketers, who are planning the future financial success of this New Year, want to develop the best strategies for their businesses.
Email marketing can be one of the solutions if used properly.

We are going see what are the key factors to the success of a good email marketing campaign.

The first factor to take in consideration is the time of the day and the frequency of the sends.
You have to test different combinations and see which ones have the best open rates.  No need to harass your clients with 5 emails per week. They will soon become bored, wont open your emails and in most cases opt-out from receiving anything else from you. Un-opened emails is wasted money.

There is no magical formula, the success of your campaign will depend on the creative and how good your data is; organic or purchased, Loyal customers or new prospects.

The other factor is the segmentation. Your campaign will be more efficient if you split your contact lists into different groups.  You could then send more accurate campaigns to your clients. You can for example send an email for a promotion happening in shops in the London area. This my not be relevant to all of your contacts obviously. The segmentation tool allows you to send the offer to the people living around London only.  
But to be able to segment your data, you need something: personal information.

The last factor that we will develop here is the importance of collecting data.
By collecting data from your clients, you will be able to know them better and so to segment them better. In the long term, this means a better open rate which comes hand in hand with increased sales.