Thursday, 10 January 2013 13:08

Yahoo! Eases webmail security worries with HTTPS option

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Following pressure from privacy advocates, Yahoo! has moved to provide its users with an option to encrypt their webmail sessions through a HTTPS option.

Standing for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, HTTPS is a secure communications system that encrypts traffic between webmail users and servers. Its introduction to the Yahoo program should prevent potential attackers from intercepting and subsequently prizing sensitive data encased in user emails.     

An account lacking protection from HTTPS could be open to hijackers, members of the press, governments that control internet infrastructure in their countries, journalists and other individuals. says users can enable the feature by clicking the gear wheel in the top right corner of their screen, selecting 'mail options', then 'advanced settings' before clicking 'turn on SSL'.

Over the last several years Yahoo! has been repeatedly urged by privacy groups to add an HTTPS option to its webmail service, with the delay potentially putting users at risk. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) claimed to have purposely recommended that users avoid Yahoo Mail! due to security worries, although firms investing in email marketing will be glad to hear they have little reason to do so now.

The EFF also highlighted that the majority of Yahoo! Mail's competitors had rolled out HTTPS for their users, suggesting that Yahoo!'s reluctance could have tarnished the practices of others connected to email.

Cited by, the EFF stated: "We're really happy that Yahoo! is starting 2013 right by letting Yahoo! Mail users use HTTPS to access their email accounts securely."


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