Thursday, 13 December 2012 11:01

Keeping up with the speed of our platform

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It is hard for users to keep up with the platform that we are using. I mean each email marketing company has a ‘request new feature’ system and then a development team that is working full time on providing these new features, and to be fair to BrotherMailer clients, it has more advanced features then any other platform on the market, so it is hard to keep up, especially when maybe only using the system once/twice a week like most SME marketing teams.

One cool advanced feature for example, is the Geo Segmentation tool, which is in your reporting system. I could probably count on one hand the amount of our clients that actually use it and it is such a cool effective tool:

You can then create address books by drawing around a specific area, then you can better target your sends. For example, if you’re company sells tickets for events and your next big one is in London, you may want to send out only to people in a certain radius of London. It’s a very handy tool to have and can be extremely effective, but as I said, not many of our clients use it.

Of course you all know the standard who opened your email, which link they clicked and what page they visit after opening your email but how many of you actually check which region has shown the most interest in each part of your email and drilled deep down into the reporting and used it in the next campaign?

All reporting is fully exportable and you can put it into whichever form you prefer.

The system can probably do anything that you would want it to do so go in and have a play with it, check out the advanced features, you will not be disappointed.


Mitch O'Callaghan is the UK Sales Manager here at BrotherMailer, and spends his time talking to Email Marketeers, finding out what's new and what's old, what works, what doesn't, and ensuring BrotherMailer users get the best results.

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