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Pairing your blog with your email newsletter.

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Writing blogs is a great way to keep in contact with your customers and potential clients but in a nice and informal way. But how is best to integrate your blog writing with your email marketing campaigns.

Firstly, of course your blog should give the reader the option to sign up for your newsletter. Put a sign up form on the side of the blog, then it is visible the whole time and I would suggest that you will see your list start to grow.

And then vice versa, put a blog in your newsletters. It will give you extra content that is relevant and entice your newsletter subscribers to visit your site and have a read of your blog every now and then.

If someone is on your webpage reading one of your blogs, chances are they want to know more, so have a paragraph at the end of your newsletter with a bit of information on how the reader can hear more from you, by ‘liking’ your page on Facebook, following you on twitter or signing up for your newsletter and receiving a weekly email.

You can integrate your blog posts and email campaigns with Google’s Feedburner. It allows your blog fans to get an email as soon as you publish a new blog. As long as you take the other tips on board it will not rival your newsletter, they can work as a team to build your list and create traffic to your site.

Give the option for the blog readers to share your wonderful blog with their like-minded friends and colleagues. Each blog should have a Facebook sharing button, a Twitter sharing button and an Email sharing button.

Your blog and your email can be a dangerous tool if you play them off of one another properly.


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