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What comes before the content checker?

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So yesterday’s blog was about the precautions that you need to take to get into the inbox once you arrive at the email client. The pointers that you have to remember that will get you past the aggressive spam filters.

And this used to be the only barrier that was put up against spam, although that was a long time ago.

Although we have always had a great sender reputation, the spam checker used to work on a points system, where you would gain points for things such as BIG CAPITAL LETTERS, or exaggerated punctuation!!! So if you knocked up enough points, your emai would get junked or worse just turned away.

There are now barriers that you need to make sure you pass before you even get to that spam content checker. The ISPs have recognised the professional email providers and that we are very careful with the clients that we choose to let use our system, therefore content is not as important once you have passed all of the other barriers.

When you click send your email your will leave the BrotherMailer servers, the first barrier:

The Authentication wall:

The ISPs then check the IPs sending the email for authentication, which is a means of validating that you are who you say you are.

The Reputation wall:

Your email will then be tested on its senders reputation (us), which is the quality of the IP address, which will be judge on sending history.

This is something that we can guarantee will not be a problem, we spend a lot of time and money looking after this part of our system.

The last wall is the content filter (what I was speaking about in yesterdays blog):

If the email has passed through both the Authentication and Reputation Wall the rules once you get here are lenient. You can play around with the Image to text ratio, maybe used some sales talk in your subject line, only if your deliverability starts to decrease to you need to worry about looking at your content.

We now have a spam checker in the editor, so use it with every campaign to be sure that you reach all of your subscribers.


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