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The Rules of Spam

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Spammers have been trying to infect us and our computers for years and years, even before we had HTML emails. Then the ISPs became wise and worked out a way to send away these unwanted emails to the junk folder or sometimes even better, just block them. They did this by simply recognising certain words and punctuation.

Then of course, the spammers adapted to this by putting their text in the images, which of course stopped our systems being able to read what the email actually says…you can see the vicious circle starting to form here?  This circle went around and around and still is until this day, the spammers are trying to find a way in, and the ISPs are finding ways to stop them.

So now that the ISPs systems are so much more advanced, it is rare that real spam gets through. But when an email gets through the first 3 walls in its journey from its ESPs server to the recipients inbox (will blog about them tomorrow) what is the last wall, and what happens there?

Because of the first dodge that the spammers tried to take, it is now and always will be standard procedure that a email must have a maximum of 50% image coverage, so of course a minimum of 50% text coverage, and there must be at least 400 characters within that text.

Now rules like this, to a degree can be slightly bent when using a professional ESP, because of the respected sender reputation. For example if a sender has been successfully sending into hotmail for the last 6 months, they can then afford to send out an email that has a 55% image ratio. Where-as if it is a senders first send, this will not be accepted.

So although the ISPs tools are strong and aggressive, if you build up a good relationship with them, proving that you’re sound, safe sender, then they will be slightly more lenient on the rules.

In tomorrows blog I’m going to be talking about exactly what happens when you click send and how your email gets from that point and into your recipients inbox.


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