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Optimise which device your emails are being opened on

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Do you ever wonder what happens with your beautiful email that you have spent the morning perfection? Well thanks to reporting we know exactly what happens to each and every email that leaves our servers.

Something that the reporting can also inform you of, is what device the email has been opened on. Although I fear that this is something that is being ignored by many email marketers.

After some research, I have found that nearly 40% of companies don’t actually have a strategy for optimising email marketing for mobile devices. Which really, is a major mistake as more and more emails are being opened on mobiles rather then Desktops.

Each and every year more smartphones are sold then PCs.

It should be standard procedure to build each email so that it works well on a smart phone. If you check your reporting, you’ll find that between 10-35% of email opens to be on a smartphone device.

But then again, recent research that 4 out of 5 people prefer opening a marketing email easier on a PC, rather then a phone.

Which means that we need to optimize our emails so that they work better when opened on a smartphone.

How can we do this?

•    First of all, check how your email looks on a range of different mobiles

•    Put your call to action at the top of your email

•    Keep it concise

•    Try to keep your email around 350pixels wide

The best strategy to take is to segment your list depending on which device your recipients are opening on, taken from reports from the previous 5 campaigns. Split them into two lists depending on which device they most use. Then designing two emails, one specifically for Mobiles and then one specifically for PCs.


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