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Psychological Spam Filter

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So I have blogged about getting through spam filters a few times now. I have also blogged about what happens after you click the send button and how your email ends up in front of your recipients face.

But one thing I haven’t directly blogged about is how to beat your recipient psychological spam filter!

You can get everything absolutely spot on as far as the BrotherMailer system and all of the ISPs are concerned, but if you cannot beat the spam filter in your recipients head then the email may as well not be sent.

Your recipients know that the emails that they are receiving from you are not really spam because they opted-in the receive them from you. So you’re already on the front foot.

But there are a few points that make your non-spam emails, spam email in the head of your subscribers:

•    The timing of your emails are pretty crucial, for me particularly if I get an email at 5am on a Monday morning and it wakes me up by coming through to my smart phone. It will be deleted immediately.

•    Emailing too often, of course this depends on your sector and what your emailing for, if you’re a news service that is supplying daily news you are going to be emailing your customers daily, but if you’re in retail and selling a product or products, I would recommend that once a week is enough.

•    A repetitive subject line will always trigger my spam filter. I used to get emails from top retailers week in, week out (note ‘used to’, as I unsubscribed) using pretty much the same subject line. Your mind then automatically thinks that you have seen this email before and that you don’t need to see it again, so mix thing up.

•    The template/layout of your email is also crucial, and although the products maybe different, the same thing will happen with  using repetitive subject lines, people will believe that they have already seen the email and by this time they may have already opened the email, but I can assure you if they believe they have already seen the email, they will not be clicking through.

So try to time your emails wisely, think about the type of people your customers are and what will be the best time to email them. Think about how many emails is ok and what maybe too much. Be real creative with your subject lines, mix them up, be enticing. Befriend a really good designer that can build you a few different looking templates that will be a different image each time your recipients open your email.


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