Thursday, 06 September 2012 14:22

Do you know enough about our platform?

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One thing that us as email marketers are still slacking on is, we are not as up to date as the platform that we use…

To be fair to my clients, (biased? Maybe) the BrotherMailer system is the most advance on the market, so there is more to know, more to play with…

Who can honestly say that they knew about the Geo Segmenting tool in reporting?

Everyone knows and uses your standard:

Who opened your email
Who clicked which link in your email
Which pages of your site the recipient visits because of the email

But who goes in and checks which part of the country is your hottest prospect, or which one of your customers has looked at your email the most times and actually gone in and looked at which product?

The reporting is also fully exportable for boardroom-ready printouts.

There really is too much detail to mention in a blog, but you can use BrotherMailers reports to identify your most popular content and landing pages and pick out your most responsive recipients where you can generate a list of your hottest leads.

After your next campaign, go in and have a play with it, you really will be impressed at how much you can find out about 1 email.


Mitch O'Callaghan is the UK Sales Manager here at BrotherMailer, and spends his time talking to Email Marketeers, finding out what's new and what's old, what works, what doesn't, and ensuring BrotherMailer users get the best results.

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