Monday, 03 September 2012 09:25

BrotherMailer Easy Editor – Best on the Market.

Written by Mitch O'Callaghan

Of course you will always be biased to your own product. I know that. But after researching other systems and platforms for a year now, to see where we can improve or do things slightly different, I can safely say that our EasyEditor is genuinely the best on the market. The Drag and Drop WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) EasyEditor is one of our power tools, it is so simple to use yet so effective. Saving so much time and money on design work.

If you compare that to some of the other platforms or systems, where you normally need to either be a designer or hire a designer.

With the BrotherMailer Easy Editor you can create, design, redesign and customise your own email templates with absolutely no HTML coding or web design skills.

The Super tool makes us makes us and the market leading ESP!

There is easy, then there is the EasyEditor….

•    Lets you get creative - try new things, if they don’t work just click ‘back’

•    Slash the time you spend editing emails as you need absolutely no HTML knowledge.

•    Drag, drop, duplicate, reposition and resize any part of your email at the click of a mouse.

With both the ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Professional’ account you will get a professionally built bespoke company template, then using the EasyEditor you can just drag in the new images and insert the text, switching around the order and positioning of the different elements (text boxes/image boxes/social sharing boxes).

Its called the WYSIWYG because that is exactly what it is. If you can use Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, you will find our EasyEditor a walk in the park!