Wednesday, 01 August 2012 09:03

Using personalisation to it's full potential.

Written by Mitch O'Callaghan

At this day and age of email marketing, Personalisation is absolutely essential. Especially when it can be done at the click of a button in our advanced BrotherMailer system.

By personalising your emails will increase your response rates which should increase your ROI.


You can personalise your emails with many different fields, not just ‘First name’ , ‘Second name’ or ‘Product name’.

With the BrotherMailer Enterprise account you can actually personalise by up to 400 fields in one single email.

If you want more personalisation have a look at our - Dynamic Content tool

Using this powerful tool you can turn a standard email into a powerful targeted message with a few clicks.

Personalising your email by putting ‘Hi James’ is easy, what will really impress your customers is if you say:

 ‘Hi James, We haven’t seen you since you checked in and bought the 4 man tent, how are you getting on with it?’

‘Check out our new range…..’

One of the most powerful tools we have to offer – Give it a go.