Wednesday, 25 July 2012 09:10

Our most powerful tool - The reporting system

Written by Mitch O'Callaghan

Very possibly the most powerful part of our system is The BrotherMailer Reporting system.

It is by far the most advance on the market, providing our clients with the most detailed analysis of what has happened after they have sent our their campaign.

The system has been designed by marketers, for marketers. So you will have access to any piece of information that you can think of, and you get all of this in real time.

The BrotherMailer reporting system gives you full click path reporting, which allows to track your recipients’ behaviour, all the way through to your website and conversion page. This allows you to see:

Who opened your email
Who clicked which link in your email
Which pages of your site the recipient visits because of the email
Even if they went back and visited your website later on that day or in three days time

The reporting platform will even give you a geographical heat map, which will tell you where in the world each opener and clicker is. Impressive eh!

The reporting is also fully exportable for boardroom-ready printouts.

There really is too much detail to mention in a blog, but you can use BrotherMailers reports to identify your most popular content and landing pages and pick out your most responsive recipients where you can generate a list of your hottest leads.