Friday, 20 July 2012 09:25

Get in that Inbox.

Written by Mitch O'Callaghan

When I first started working in email marketing, Spam was pretty much at its fiercest.

ISPs were pretty much looking at the content and content only.

I would have to tell my clients, what and what not to put in their subject line and in the content of their email, as because although we have always had a great sender reputation, a few pound signs or exclamation marks in the subject line would knock up those points.

Too many points and you would have been lucky to even get into a junk box.

From Big text images through to just having two different fonts within an email would score you points and reduce the chance of you getting into your customers inboxes.

A lot has changed since then, they have recognized that us more professional Email Service Providers have invested a lot of money into our systems, making sure that we work with legitimate clients that have organic legitimate data.

Now content is not as important, it is more so about the sender reputation.

So when the email leaves the BrotherMailer system it goes through your suppression list, if recognized that this email address has been emailed by you before with no upsets, then due to the relationship, the email will land right in the customers inbox. Any hard bouncers or complainers will be removed immediately.

If the email is new it will hit a series of walls:

The Authentication wall:

The ISPs then check the IPs sending the email for authentication, which is a means of validating that you are who you say you are.

The Reputation wall:

The next test your email will face is the senders reputation (us), which is the quality of the IP address.

Our clients can rest assure that this will never be a problem. We spend a lot of time looking after this part of the system.

The Content filter (last wall):

To be completely honest, is the email has flown straight through the first two walls the content will barely be looked at.  But if deliverability ever does start to decrease then just look for the obvious things: Spammy looking subject lines, exaggerated punctuation etc.

Using a quick test send when you are in the editor will let you now if your email will pass the content filter wall.

I hope that answers any questions anyone may have had regarding making sure that they are reaching their customers inboxes.

The answer is, send from BrotherMailer and we guarantee it.