Wednesday, 18 July 2012 09:09

Email Marketing, where in your marketing strategy does it fall?

Written by Mitch O'Callaghan

Email marketing is different for every company, it maybe the way that you keep in touch with your customers keeping them informed what’s going on in your industry, or it may be the main sales point, just testing with trial and error will decide what is best for you.

Email marketing is now one of the most recognized successful digital marketing tactics, and can work very well alongside all of your other strategies, actually integration is crucial to completing the full circle.

Think of your marketing strategy as a puzzle, and for it to work all of the pieces need to fit in together.

So each campaign needs to promote the other campaigns, for example you can auto post all of your email campaigns to your social networks, you can also add social sharing buttons to your email, that if clicked will post your email onto your recipients wall instantly increase your reach.

You can also use any outdoor advertisement to refer people to your website, where your website promotes signing up for your newsletter.

Email holds everything together, it is now the communication tool that is now most used.  I would say this is because it is the most developed in terms of tracking. No other marketing tool offers as details reporting as Email, you can get an exact ROI. You can test what works best before you do it with subject line and content splitting and who likes what part of your email and why.

Email marketing is the most cost effective yet has the highest ROI, it supports all of your other marketing strategies as well as be supported by them. It is the tool that will not destroy your marketing strategy, but your strategy will crumble without it.