Advantages of email newsletters

Whether you are already proactively engaging with your database of email newsletter recipients or you are thinking about sending out a regular communication and think that a newsletter format is for you then BrotherMailer can help - from the initial newsletter design to the easy gathering of management information and assessing the success of your e-newsletter.
There are a number unique goals that you may have in mind from your e-newsletters and typically these can include:

  • Maintaining open communication channels with your existing customers
  • Adding value to your client base with updates in your industry/organisation/products and services on offer
  • Obtaining opinions and feedback from peoples opinions that you value the most – your customers
  • Educating people on the latest best practises, ways to improve what they are doing or general tips and advice
  • Marketing; up selling services, promoting your brand, enhancing awareness of products and services developing extra outreach

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The benefits of sending out regular and systematic email newsletter communications are well documented and varied (often driven from the unique goals of the client) and some of the main benefits include:

  • Having a vehicle to direct customers to key areas of your website – this may include your latest industry blog posts, white papers, news content or important conversion pages
  • Being able to build an engaged reader base where people become familiar with you being there industry leader within your sector.
  • Utilising an alternative sales approach with email that is much more of a ‘soft’ sales technique
  • Reminding your customers of what’s unique and special about your company and remaining at the forefront of their information seeking when you can help them

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