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Download the Quick Start Guide or click on the links below for more advanced features.

Download the email marketing Quick Start Guide

Advanced Features

Adding custom fields to address books

Custom data fields can be added to address books to capture and/or contain additional information about your contacts. The more useful data you can collect on your contacts, the more you can segment, target and personalise your campaigns and generate better response rates.

Creating dynamic content

Dynamic Content enables you to tailor your campaign so different groups of your audience receive different content, different offers, images, copy or calls to action. This means you can send one campaign with multiple targeted messages for different groups of customers. Which message each group receives is dependent on the rules you set when you create the Dynamic Content.

Segmentation queries

The Segmentation Data Query Builder enables you to query and segment your data by – for example - key demographic variables, e.g. send a targeted campaign to all your contacts who: are male, aged 21-30 and have expressed an interest in sports equipment. If you have the data in your address books then BrotherMailer will enable you to segment by it.

Site analytics

BrotherMailer can automatically add Google tracking code to your email link URLs.

Suppression lists

The Suppression Lists functionality within BrotherMailer allows you to manage both suppressed contacts and domains, manage your bounce thresholds and even process your contacts against the BrotherMailer Global Suppression List.

Using public address books and contact data fields in your campaigns

Your contacts access public address books and contact data fields by using the “Want to unsubscribe or change your details?” link that you should put in your email campaigns.

Using split line testing

BrotherMailer includes a split-testing tool which enables you to test more than one subject line in a campaign. BrotherMailer will analyse which line is performing the best and send the rest of your email sends using that subject line. This lets you test and maximise your open rates using the best performing subject line.