Top Benefits Of Charity Email MarketingTop Benefits Of Charity Email Marketing

Charity organisations need to stay in touch with sponsors and supporters on a constant basis. Since cost reduction is one of their priorities they may not rely on traditional communication means. Fortunately, there are reputable Internet marketing providers who encourage charity organisations to use their charity email marketing services offering them to reduce campaign costs to the minimum. Here are top benefits of launching marketing campaigns on the Internet.

Reap The Rewards Of Charity Email Marketing

It’s a common fact that more and more non-profit organisations are shifting from traditional methods of receiving donations to revolutionary email marketing options which seem to take the world by storm. If an organisation is struggling to increase the number of followers and receive the necessary amount of donations, charity email marketing can help achieve these goals faster. Fundraising, finding new subscribers and building stronger relationships with potential sponsors become much easier with effective email marketing solutions at your disposal.

Why use email marketing for charities?

In a large number of cases, it may be time-consuming and quite expensive to reach potential subscribers via direct mail. When it comes to using email marketing for charities, the total spend on your online campaign isn’t that impressive and larger numbers of emails can reach the targeted audience in the blink of an eye. There are numerous examples of charities achieving their goals and significantly increasing the number of followers through charity email marketing solutions. Faster, more effective and less expensive – these are the main reasons for using email marketing for charities.

Getting email marketing right

Any marketing expert can tell you that quality email marketing requires the right strategy. It’s not enough to simply choose a suitable provider and let your charity email marketing campaign run. In a properly managed campaign, each feature is customised with the charity’s objectives in mind to achieve better results. Obviously, an effective online campaign should be worked out by a reputable email marketing company, not amateurs whose poorly targeted and designed emails can do more harm than good.

Avoid spamming

It’s as clear as day that not all people who have given their emails to you are interested in receiving regular emails. Pouring irrelevant information may cause unsubscribing so remember that emails should be to the point. Be selective when choosing potential donors to send your message to. Just because people get into your database, it doesn’t mean that they want to receive dozens of emails regularly. If you don’t have all the necessary information to target emails properly, collect it using online surveys and easy-to-use sign up forms.

Tracking is essential

Tracking your charity email marketing campaign is of vital importance. It may help you find out how effective your campaign was and why. Email marketing professionals can give you insight into the potential donor’s motivations and help you understand what you can do to improve your next online campaign. Analysing standard measurements such as open rates, click rates, return on investment and others is useful to compare current results with the results of previous campaigns. You can target your emails better and build stronger relationships with potential donors if you analyse your email marketing campaign in details.

With the significant development of Internet marketing, charity email marketing is becoming one of the most popular and effective ways of reaching donors. Whether you want to build a relationship with your targeted audience or ask them for donations, email marketing can help you make them feel special and become dedicated subscribers. Keep in mind that an effective online campaign requires the right strategy so hire professionals to manage your email marketing campaign for you.



Charity Email Marketing For A Better World

Nobody can do everything but everybody can do something. Under this motto various charity and non-profit organisations help to protect the environment, fight against inequality and discrimination, help people in need and those who have suffered from natural or man-made disasters. If you participate or run such an organisation you cannot underestimate the importance of effective communication and public relations. You need to alert citizens to the burning problems of today, attract volunteers and sponsors, promote your organisation to establish a good reputation and gain governmental and public support. Quality charity email marketing can help you to achieve these goals.

Charity Email Marketing: Make Your Email Work

The average British household used to receive lots of carefully worded and nicely designed mail that persuaded people into opening up and responding to it. Direct mail was one of the most popular tools used by charities looking for donations. With the advent of the Internet and email in particular, it has become possible to send out call-to-action messages at minimum expense. Your charity email marketing campaign starts with creating a message that works. So what makes it effective?
Make the ‘from’ line informative
According to experts, this line is often far more crucial than the subject of your email. This is the first message you put across and draw benefactors with. Put the name of your charity or your own name if you think that it may work better. Alternatively, for you charity email marketing campaign you can use the combination of both or add the word ‘team’ to build trust in your organisation and raise awareness of your objectives.