Triggered campaigns

Brothermailer enables you to set up powerful triggered email campaigns to generate leads and conversions – automatically. Triggered campaigns can be based on a variety of variables, from customers’ birthdays, to their buying patterns and expressed preferences, from seasons and holiday dates to life cycle milestones. You also have the ability to create a series of triggered campaigns such as renewal programmes, prospect warming, free trial conversions etc.

In the examples that follow, we will demonstrate two different ways that triggers can be used. The first example involves setting a trigger to wish customers a Happy Birthday. This trigger will be set to fire a couple of days before the recipient’s birthday.

The second example is based on a customer’s service contract coming up for renewal. In this case, we’re going to set up triggers to fire 30 days before the renewal date, then 10 days before the renewal date and finally a trigger if the contract has expired.

Before creating your triggers there are a couple of steps you must complete first.

4 simple steps to creating a triggered email campaign

1.Create your email in My Campaigns using the WISYWIG editor

2.Use the ‘edit settings’ option to set your campaign to ‘Triggered’

3.Ensure you have the Date field in your contacts address book that will fire your trigger

4.Go to Triggered Campaigns in the campaigns menu and add a new trigger, set the rules and enable it.