Creating the contact data fields

The next step prior to creating your triggers, is to ensure that the data fields that are going to be used for the triggers exist in your address books. Only data fields with a data type of Date can be used to create triggers under the Triggered Campaigns option.

In the examples we discussed earlier, we mentioned our first trigger being based on a customer’s birthday and our second set of triggers being based on a service renewal date. So, these two fields must exist in our address books or be created.

To create new data fields, select the option Contacts from the left-hand navigation pane and then select Contact Data Fields from the sub-menu that appears. A list of all the data fields that exist in your address books will be displayed. Click the button and the Create new field window will appear.

Enter the name of the field and select the “Date” data type from the drop-down list. Click on .

Repeat this process to create any further data fields required.

You can now import the data you need to fire this trigger, by mapping the Birthday field in the data you import to the newly created Birthday data contact field within Brothermailer (see Advanced Features Guide for more info on importing and mapping data).