Creating a one off trigger

To create a triggered send, move back to the Triggered sends tab and click on the button. The Editing trigger group screen is displayed.


In the top part of the screen, enter a name for this particular trigger group and using the pop-up calendar, select a start date and an end date. If the trigger doesn’t have an end date, click the Never ends checkbox.


The bottom part of the screen is where you enter the trigger details.

1.Enter a name for the trigger. As this is a one-off trigger, this may well be the same name as the trigger group.

2.Select the data field you want to use to fire the trigger from the drop-down. Only “Date” fields in your address books will be displayed. If no fields are displayed in the dropdown list, it means you have no “Date” fields created in your address books (see Step 2).

3.Select the number of days (from the first drop-down) that the trigger will fire before or after (from the second drop-down) the date field you selected. In our example, the trigger is set to fire 2 days before the contact’s birthday.

4.Specify if the trigger is to reoccur. If you select “Occurs once”, this trigger will only fire on the exact year that is stored in the contact data field. This would be useful for an order date, for example. If you select “Occurs every year”, this trigger will fire every year. This is ideal for an anniversary type of data field, such as birthday.

5.Select the campaign that is to be sent to the contact. The drop-down will list all campaigns that you have set with a type of “Triggered”. If you have no campaigns displayed in the list, it means that you have not set your campaign type as triggered (see Steps 1 and 2).

6.Specify the time of day you wish the trigger to be actioned. This is based on a 24 hour clock, UK time.

7.Finally you need to enable the trigger. Click the checkbox “Enabled”.

When you have completed all the information required, click on the button . Your trigger is now set-up. The trigger will run automatically based on the conditions you have entered.