Young entrepreneurs recommend short, infrequent, positive emails

Written by  Paul Smithson Tuesday, 05 June 2012 00:00

Short, infrequent and positive emails are the way to get through to email marketing recipients, a group of young business people have claimed.

Talking to's Small Business Trends, members of the Young Entrepreneur Council offered tips such as ditching any unnecessary content, keeping a positive spin to every message and viewing each email as a "personal ask" of the recipients - moderating email frequency accordingly.
Some other recommendations included focusing on mobile compatibility, working hard on headlines to pull readers in and considering sending messages in plain text sometimes - without fancy graphics or elaborate layouts.
The Small Business Trends blog noted: "In today's digital age, an email marketing campaign is necessary to every business model, equivalent to - if not more important than - a social media strategy and your company website's mobile compatibility."
While digital marketing can be planned according to the very best expert tips, sometimes it may be all about being more reactive and engaging with people over something that is happening in the moment, business development consultant Allison Graham noted in
She pointed out that a message a week after an event has taken place does not carry the same weight as one sent the morning after; in her view, the new digital landscape is a "now" place.
Ms Graham also championed the importance of responding to customers quickly, as it is an opportunity to engage with them and strengthen brand relationships. It may not be feasible to reply immediately, but having a policy in place about how long they can expect to wait can make such conversations easier.