Use brain research to better campaigns, expert suggests

Written by  David Howells Wednesday, 16 May 2012 11:47

One email marketing expert has urged businesses to look at research into how the human brain operates in order to deliver effective campaigns.

Writing for, marketing blogger Tim Riesterer explained that research into human brain functions could make for a much more effective email campaign.
Riesterer claimed that research has shown that people are much more likely to make a concrete decision on something if the results directly affect their well-being. Whilst this may seem obvious, Riesterer adds that marketers often send out messages encouraging recipients to make a rational decision, but more success can be gained from making them reach a real one instead.
This, Riesterer claims, is down to the limbic system, which originally made fast, instinctive decisions that helped ensure survival. In targeting the limbic system, he suggests, marketers can directly tap in to the part of the brain which makes the decisions.
To target the limbic system, marketers should first use video, Riesterer claims. In encouraging email recipients to watch videos, brands can tap into the limbic system and ensure the content is presented in the most receptive manner possible.
Next, Riesterer suggests tapping into the state of urgency typically associated with the limbic system. In showing consumers what they could miss out on in not acting on the email, it can stimulate the user into taking action immediately.
Lastly, Riesterer claims brands should show real contrast. Instead of simply offering a product or service, showing the difference between using it and the current status quo will affect the users much more directly and help guide them towards making a quicker decision.
"By creating more provocative content that appeals to the [limbic system], your direct marketing campaign will see greater success," Riesterer told