Test the waters for email marketing success

Written by  Paul Smithson Wednesday, 25 January 2012 16:38

Companies preparing to begin bulk email campaigns should be continually researching what their target demographic want, an expert has told The Sydney Morning Herald.

Alex Pirouz, a business advisor from RIDC Advisory, explained that firms should ask people how many times a week they want to be contacted and aim to segment messages to ensure maximum relevance for recipients.

The feedback from this process should allow for refinement of a campaign, but Mr Pirouz also noted that technical points such as embedding links and using a reputable domain name will also help an organisation's success rate.

Reporting for the newspaper on his advice, journalist David Wilson said: "Given the bombardment of email these days just getting readers to open a newsletter is tough. Still, most agree that email remains a cost-effective marketing tool that will keep playing a key role in the marketing mix."

This increasing influence of digital media within the advertising sphere was demonstrated by the most recent Markit Bellwether survey, which showed that direct marketing and internet promotions continue to take over sections of marketing budgets that used to be devoted to traditional media, reported The Guardian.

Chris Williamson, chief economist at the research firm and author the study, noted that companies are becoming "increasingly reluctant" to put their money into television, radio and print.