Tablet sales set to soar in 2012, claims Deloitte

Written by  Ashley Curtis Wednesday, 18 January 2012 10:16

Five million consumers will head to the market for a second tablet, according to figures from Deloitte.

As if one wasn't enough, five million tech enthusiasts will be making their mind up between a second iPad, Galaxy Tab, Xoom, Touchpad or another of the plethora of tablets available in the market.

In addition, Deloitte predicts that Apple's domination of the sector could come to an end, albeit only slightly. The sheer multitude of devices using alternative operating systems could entice the market away from Apple's leading device, cites New Media Age.

Email marketing professionals need to be aware of the rise of tablets, especially when newsletters or weekly e-mails would require tinkering with in order to be read on a tablet.

The vast number of people considering a second tablet will contribute to the massive revenue in the market over 2012, estimated at £1.3 billion.

Jolyon Barker, global lead for Deloitte's technology, media and telecommunications unit, commented on the rise of the tablet to The Telegraph: "The tablet explosion has shown little sign of slowing down since hitting the market in 2010 and is set to take the mantle of the most rapid multiple market penetration in history.

"It is worth remembering that it took several decades after introduction for more than 5 per cent of households to have more than one car, phone, radio or TV," he additionally quipped.