Social media is "glitter" whilst email is "solid", expert claims

Written by  David Howells Wednesday, 23 May 2012 00:00

A marketing expert has argued that email marketing should be seen as a "solid workhorse" instead of "old reliable".

In a blog printed on, marketing expert Justin Pearse suggested that email offers some of the best bottom line figures of any online marketing campaigns and is also the most reliable.

Pearse argued that consumers see email messages as holding more authority, whilst social media provides much more of a customer service role.
Yet despite this, Pearse suggested that many brands are allocating high percentages of their marketing budgets to the newer channels such as social media. This, he says, is down to a fear of missing out on what could become the next big marketing channel.
Pearse acknowledged that one of the biggest challenges to email marketing's crown came from social media. The platform is still growing as many more businesses look to invest in it for their online campaigns.
This investment could be poorly thought-out, however, as marketers jump on the bandwagon of what could potentially offer returns in the future above something with a proven and illustrious track record.
Instead, Pearse urged, marketers should look at the bottom line figures that email marketing can offer and consider it to be more as a marketing staple than an "old reliable" that could bring in new business consistently whilst they try and tweak less successful social campaigns.
"Social media holds a huge potential for any brand," Pearse told "But its shiny lights shouldn't let you ignore its hugely successful, if less glamorous predecessor - email marketing.
"After all, in today's increasingly tough economic environment, would you rather be covered in glitter or sell products?"