Responsible approach to advertising allows "freedom to dazzle"

Written by  Paul Smithson Friday, 27 January 2012 10:36

The online marketing community can protect its ability to produce innovative campaigns by acting responsibly, it has been claimed.

Randall Rothenburg, president and chief executive of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, wrote in a blog entry on that it is up to marketers themselves to keep the sector free of unnecessary regulation, so that future activity is not constrained.


He applauded the Digital Advertising Alliance's (DAA's) attempts to educate consumers regarding internet promotions, saying that this strategy should help build trust, as well as give the public vital knowledge on how data is used. By demystifying disciplines such as email marketing, people should be more comfortable with the system in place.

"For digital advertising to continue to flourish, we need to make sure that we are responsible enough to set our own agenda. That means ensuring the industry has the freedom to dazzle its users, but it also means making sure that those users who fuel our industry feel empowered and protected," said Mr Rothenburg.

Advertisement Journal noted that the DAA launched its 'Your AdChoices' campaign earlier this month, aiming to use entertainment and humour to entice web users to read about its work.

The managing director of the organisation, Peter Kosmala, labelled the project an "important step" in the ongoing process of helping the general public understand the industry.