Nearly half employees will read Christmas emails

Written by  Chris Taylor Thursday, 08 December 2011 12:58

Bulk email campaigns could reach nearly half the workforce this Christmas, a new report suggests.

According to security firm Securenvoy, nearly a third of people will check their inboxes at work on an intermittent basis (31 per cent) this Christmas, while one in ten (15 per cent) say they will do so "frequently".

However, it is younger persons, aged 18 to 24, that are the most likely to do so, reports The findings suggest that digital communication means more to younger age groups, particularly as those over 50 were found to be the least likely to check their inboxes.

One expert, Vanessa Robinson, head of HR practice development at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, told BBC News, this is because the "younger generation is more digitally connected than its older peers."

She added: "But they will probably also be checking their Facebook and other online communication systems over the holiday period. They may just wish to be connected to work, not because they are insecure but just because they wish to feel as if they are still informed."

Indeed, some people would feel isolated from events if they did not access their email at work. In the study of 1,000 people, one in five people felt "competitively disadvantaged" if they didn't keep on top of their emails this Christmas holiday. Another fifth of the study group meanwhile admitted that they did not feel this was expected of them around the festive period.