Mobile users accept marketing on their devices.

Written by  David Howes Friday, 29 June 2012 08:47

Around one half of UK consumers have claimed they are more than happy to receive branded communication on their mobile devices, reports.

More consumers than ever before are taking to their mobile devices to check their emails and browse the internet. As the trend has grown, businesses around the world have sought to target the new medium and make their email marketing efforts visible to the consumers using their mobiles.

Now, research from Velti has found that consumers are happy to receive marketing on their mobiles - especially if it comes from a source they deem to be trustworthy.

The survey, conducted by MobileSquared, found that 45 per cent of mobile users said they were happy to accept branded communications via their mobile devices - provided it remained in line with their opt-in terms. When a brand they trusted was sending the messages, the figure rose to 55 per cent.

Of the brands already said to be seen as the most trusted, a quarter (24.6 per cent) were retailers. It is thought this is because marketers for retail stores were among the first adopters of mobile targeting. Financial services came in second with 16.9 per cent, whilst travel companies were found to be the most trusted by 16.5 per cent of mobile users.

"UK consumers are far more open to branded communications than many companies believe - provided their delivery preferences and opt-in choices are respected and the brand earns the all-important trust of the consumer," general manager of Velti, Barry Houlihan told

"Mobile is increasingly central to any branded communications strategy given its real-time results and relevance across multiple delivery formats."


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