Marketers urged to keep single tone of voice

Written by  David Howells Monday, 21 May 2012 11:25

Brands wanting to maintain customer loyalty have been urged to look at their tone of voice across the entire business, reports.

The advice came at a panel discussion organised by The Writer to debate the effectiveness on brand voices in marketing campaigns. Representatives from Innocent, BT and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) were in attendance; speaking of their own experiences in creating/maintaining a unique brand voice.
Each firm, despite all having different aims and unique voices, all suggested that businesses need to sustain one tone of voice throughout their entire business in order to best influence the decisions of the consumer.
This tone of voice should be applied not just to websites and letters sent to consumers, but also in bills, call centre scripts or even email marketing content. Then, once a tone of voice has been established and sustained, consumers will be more likely to remain engaged in the long-term.
BT's representative at the event was Jon Hawkins, who explained how the telecoms giant had spent the last five years working on a unique brand voice to best appeal to consumers. The aim, he said, was to dispel the myth that the company is "stuffy" and "cold", instead showing people a more human side.
Speaking to of the process, Hawkins explained: "When there's a consistent tone of voice through a company - from the marketing, to the call centres, to the letters - consumers feel more at ease with your product.
"I'm able to go to meetings now and ream off stats about how our language is having a positive impact on the commercial part of the business."