Marketers' preferences uncovered by survey

Written by  Deborah Bates Friday, 16 December 2011 10:02

Some 51 per cent of marketers prefer to provide location-based messaging to their consumers, according to a survey undertaken by O2 Media.

It surveyed the opinions of 20 marketers and buyers, who revealed the best ways in which to target consumers properly. Crafting a company's messaging seemed to be the most important thing to them, whether it's delivered via an email marketing campaign or an online advertising strategy.

Whilst 59 per cent considered mobile message the best way to kick-start a Christmas marketing campaign, 45 per cent were more interested in "rich media video messaging". Location-based messaging was preferred by over half however, perhaps suggesting those undertaking bulk email projects should tailor each message to the recipient and their location.

O2 Media's survey also found that some 71 per cent of all marketing campaigns have utilised mobile within them, reported; again encouraging email marketers to adjust their emails so that they are properly displayed upon smart or mobile phones.

A spokesperson for O2 media, Gary Cole, gave his thoughts on the survey's findings. Speaking to Mobile Marketing Magazine, he stated: "What we are seeing is marketers having to react quickly to difficult economic conditions at critical buying times, with little room for manoeuvre in terms of additional budget spend.

"Where they can, they are turning to media that can create a personal level of engagement and measurable purchase intent, quickly. In these times, we need to be able to grab the attention of consumer [sic] when they are on the high street, to encourage them to shop."