Making consumers feel safe is key for brands

Written by  Deborah Bates Thursday, 10 May 2012 09:41

Brands hoping to improve their e-commerce or break into online retail should focus on making consumers feel their details will be handled securely.

That's according to, which made the suggestion off the back of research from Simpson Carpenter. Of those it surveyed recently, 42 per cent said they'd feel much more inclined to shop online with their smart phones if they knew their security was ensured.
This could encourage brands to incorporate details of how their consumers' confidential information is kept secure throughout the buying process into their marketing campaigns. They could perhaps launch a dedicated email marketing campaign to get the information across, or create a television advertisement to show they recognise their consumers' concerns.
The demand for safer online shoppers from consumers may only continue to rise, given the creation of increasingly convenient yet potentially risky payment techniques - like contact-less payment systems.
MasterCard is the latest brand to launch such a system, with revealing that the payment giant will now allow some consumers to pay for items in a shop with a card without having to enter a pin or even using their mobile phone. Although MasterCard's chief emerging payments officer, Ed McLaughlin, said that consumers increasingly want to pay for things "when, how and where they choose", he may have underestimated the concerns they have over security.
With this rise in emerging technology - and as the Simpson Carpenter research suggested - brands like MasterCard could do worse than to use their marketing to reassure their audience that their payment systems are totally secure.