Knowing your audience important for writing effective emails

Written by  Paul Smithson Wednesday, 18 April 2012 09:32

Having an understanding of who an email recipient is can be useful when writing messages to them, a commentator has noted.

Deirdre Reynolds wrote on that knowing one's audience helps when composing a message, as a sender can craft their email with the person in mind.
She explained that when a person writes to their boss at work, they will probably want to be professional and concise; however, her advice could equally be applied to email marketing campaigns such as bulk email messages, with a sender aiming to use what they know about their subscribers to attract interest or engagement.
In reference to overall writing style, she remarked: "Less is more: Be as concise as possible. But if you need to write a longer message, break it up into readable chunks."
Ms Reynolds also urged people to proof-read their emails not only to check for grammatical errors, but for anything that could be deemed offensive as well.
The issue of offending readers was discussed recently by's iGeneration blogger Charlie Osborne, who pointed out that it is very easy for people to misunderstand the tone of a message, as recipients read the words rather than hear them.
She noted that concepts such as sarcasm and irony will often not work in an email, so something that may actually be very funny when face-to-face with another person could simply look offensive when it is transferred to a written message. As a result, it is vital that people are "careful" when putting together emails.