Monday, 03 June 2013 00:00

Apple announces new design for IOS7

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Apple has recently revealed the new, sleeker design for the iOS 7.  The new look is said to be more modern, moving away from the use of old fashioned textures in apps.
The new design has also been copied over to the latest OS for apple computers. 
Jack Dawson, chief telecoms analyst for Ovum said about the change "Some users will love that their phone feels new and different, whilst others will be disorientated by the change."
He went on to discuss a few issues that he thought may arise for users, but finished by saying "This is a clear statement from Apple that it acknowledges the need to refresh the user interface and is willing to do something pretty dramatic."
The company have also launched iTunes Radio, which is a new streaming music service to be featured on iOS 7.
In the first quarter of this year, some 37 million iPhones were shipped across the globe, proving that the iPhone creates Apples biggest revenue.  That being said, Android sales are on the up, due to the success of Samsung.  Apple needed to upgrade to a more modern interface to keep customers interested.