Friday, 23 May 2014 00:00

Clean data means better email marketing responses

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Keeping data clean is vital to ensure successful email marketing campaigns.  
There are various companies which can do this task on your behalf, but a good email marketing system can help you do this for your company.
BrotherMailers Email Marketing Platform includes both a data watchdog and a survey builder as useful tools for cleaning data.
Every time data is uploaded into the system, the watchdog will check for duplicates, hard bounces, soft bounces, global suppression and more, and will then remove the dead weight, already giving you cleaner data.
A hard bounce is for example when an email address no loner exists, a soft bounce perhaps has a full inbox.  The Global Suppression list, includes the emails of people who don't like to receive email campaigns.  The system will also remove any email addresses which are incorrect.
Once your data has been cleaned by the watchdog, you can then use the survey builder to create a questionnaire to find out more about your clients.  Those that do not reply, or unsubscribe can then be removed, and you will be left with and clean, and more importantly, detailed database.
The more information your database has, the more personalised your email can be, you can use data segmentation to send different parts of the same campaign to different users, use names, location and more to personalise the message, and even drill down deeper.
Sending out emails with relevant, personalised information will only serve to push your business further.