Wednesday, 22 May 2013 00:00

The average person spends more time on a smartphone than anything else

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A new survey carried out by Mobile Giant, O2, has discovered that the average Brit now spends more time looking at their smartphone than anything else!
The survey was based on what we use our phones for and for how long each day. The average user users 24 minutes on the internet, 16 minutes on social networking sites and a further half an hour on entertainment such as music and games, once time spent on calls, texts and other apps, we are spending around 2 hours a day on our phones.
The research also discovered that the smartphone is also replacing household items such as alarm clocks, watches or games consoles and cameras.
Up to 60% of people said they no longer an alarm clock, almost 45 % of people said they found a watch to be useless and as much as 40 % no longer own cameras and/or camcorders in favout of using their phones options.
Many of the people who were questioned admitted to using their phone to watch programmes whilst the main tv was being used by children.
David Johnson of O2 said, about the survey 'Smartphone are getting smarter every day with massive leaps being made in technology'. 
Mobile phones are no longer devices just for contact, they are our timekeepers, our diaries, our record keeps and our entertainment. I for one prefer the option of having all my electronic devices in one, however, I just wonder, what will they be next!