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Wednesday, 20 February 2013 09:10

Over 800,000 email users queue up for new iPhone app

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More than 800,000 people are eager to get their hands on Mailbox, the new email app that allows its users to re-schedule a message for a later date.

The iPhone app was launched earlier this month and is currently rolling out to users on a first come first served basis. These prospective customers are presumably looking to gain a taste for Mailbox's 'snooze' function, which allows all users to achieve "inbox zero" on request, reports indiatimes.com.

Maker Orchestra's system is perfect for people who deal with a high influx of messages every day and need to organise them in a timely and efficient manner. Aside from using snooze to decide when messages arrive, some of Mailbox's much-talked about touch gestures include quickly swiping a message to the right to send it to the archives, with a slower dash in the same direction deleting the message.  

What appears to be a high adoption of Mailbox is likely to have major implications for the world of email marketing. By reading their messages at the most convenient time, mail users will be able to devote their entire attention to the contents of everything they receive.

Marketers recognise the importance of sending their discounts and promotions at a certain time in the day, although Orchestra's creation could put all messages on a par, regardless of their sending time.

Independent.ie highlights that users could forget about messages that are stored away for future reference. To combat this, Mailbox uses push notifications to alert the user when they become relevant.

Gentry Underwood, CEO and co founder of Orchestra, says of the system: "All of a sudden you can have the blissful experience without developing the ninja-like discipline and that's the secret sauce behind this more euphoric experience."