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Tuesday, 19 February 2013 14:58

DMA launches EU toolkit

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The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has launched a data protection toolkit, in an effort to help organisations speak out against new European Union (EU) reforms.

The DMA believes that the new legislation may harm business models, especially those that rely on the collection and aggregation of personal data such as email marketing firms.

The group has been lobbying EU lawmakers with the backing of US counterparts who are also concerned as to the effect that the new regulations may have on the industry, reported ashdowngroup.com.

DMA executive director, Chris Combemale said: 'Recent DMA research showed that the majority of the industry's senior executives are either unaware or lack understanding of one of the biggest long-term threats to their businesses."

Combemale explained at the DMA's Data Protection 2013 Conference that there was a 'crucial window of opportunity' to oppose the regulation.

He followed up by urging all senior executives to write to their local Members of European Parliament (MEP), saying it would be the best 20 minutes they would invest this year.

New EU data protection laws include the need for explicit consumer consent if data is to be collected and the 'right to be forgotten', where companies will be forced to delete all consumer data on request.

Peter Olson, and member of the Industry Coalition for Data Protection called for 'fair, balanced and progressive legislation from industry and consumers,' reported warc.com.

Christopher Graham, the UK's Information Commissioner, said that the direct marketing industry had a key role to play in the legislative process.